10 Reasons to Try Moroccan Lights This Winter

There is no doubt that it's starting to feel like winter. We compiled a list to help transform your space with Moroccan lighting. The holidays are coming, so get your space ready and even prepare for the return of warm weather! 

1. Moroccan lights will help keep the Winter doldrums away

With the winter season now in full blast, the days are shorter and temperatures are colder than usual, which is why it is crucial to keep your spaces bright, warm, and cozy to fight off the winter doldrums. Adding one or more Moroccan lights will surely brighten up and warm up any space in your home. They are also often picked as wedding lights! 

2. They are not your average lighting fixtures

While we know that lighting is everything in home decor for this season, Moroccan pendant is not your typical lighting fixture as it gives more than just lighting - it’s the perfect touch of a Mediterranean decor that you can add to any space.

3. They give off just the right amount of light for your space

As they say, too much or too little of something isn’t a good thing. With a Moroccan pendant light, excess light is filtered out so that you’ll get just the right amount for your space.

4. Moroccan pendant light - perfect for indoor or outdoor space

One of the reasons why Moroccan lamps have become designer favorites is that they are so flexible, you can literally add them to any room decor - regardless if it’s indoor or outdoor. Pieces such as the Taza Pendant Light from our Classic Moroccan Collection can be hung out on the porch or on one of the corners of your bedroom. Moroccan lamps make also dreamy wedding lights, and are loved by wedding planners - will you try them this wedding season? 

5. Moroccan lights complement any design theme

Whether you are going for an elegant upscale theme or a fun modern one for your home decor, Moroccan lamps will look great and definitely fit in with the rest of your design components.

6. They add a nice twist to your home decor

When it comes to home decor, people would usually go for pieces that match in terms of color or style. However, it’s also a good idea to bring in something different and unique to bring everything together. Pieces like the Aisha Moroccan Hanging Lantern from our Royal Moroccan Collection can be a great addition to your kitchen and dining area.

7. Moroccan lights come in different shapes and sizes

Whatever your personal style or preference, we are certain that you’ll find a Moroccan lamp that will suit you as they come in various shapes, patterns, colors, and materials.

8. You can never go wrong with handcrafted pieces

Because these metal pendant lights are made by our skilled artisans, you could expect that each piece is unique and the intricate details have been meticulously etched by hand.

9. They serve as a great decorative piece for the season

With the holidays just around the corner, Moroccan lamps could serve as a great centerpiece or decor for your living room. Metallic pieces like the Seville Moroccan Pendant from our Modern Moroccan Collection will surely complement your Christmas and/or winter-themed decor.

10. These rustic pieces are timeless

Simple and elegant, Moroccan lamps are not only fit for the winter season, but they are also great home decor pieces that are perfect all year round. Get one of these lamps now to make your space warmer and cozier all year round.

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